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External Hard Disk Drives


Portable hard drives are one of the fastest-growing computer peripheral product lines.
Some people want a portable hard drive in order to create additional file storage space for a computer that lacks extensive internal storage, especially for laptops and netbooks. Others use a portable external hard drive for backing up files and archiving so they are ultra-secure in case of computer failure.

But why choose a portable drive over a desktop drive?
There are many reasons, including:

* A portable hard drive does not require an external power source
* A portable hard drive is great for on-the-go; it is small enough to carry with you and often designed to be rugged for transporting
* Portable hard drives can be easily used by multiple PC’s for file sharing
* A portable hard drive allows for scheduled automatic backups of files
* A portable drive allows for quick and easy archiving of data.
External Hard Disk Drives
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